• About getlion™️

At getlion™️, it’s our mission to see entrepreneurs succeed. Our one-stop mobile application was built to support Entrepreneurs, Startups and SMMEs in starting, managing and growing their businesses. Through getlion™️, users gain access to leading education content, discounted tools and services from 35 industry-leading partners, the first rewards for entrepreneurs, access to funding and a vibrant B2B Marketplace to start selling online. Simply, getlion™️ exists to get your business ROARING!

Want to know more about our mission? Watch the video here

  • Who is getlion™️ for?

The getlion mobile application is designed for owners of small/medium businesses and startups, as well as individuals wanting to start a business. getlion is available across the Republic of South Africa.

  • How much does getlion™️ cost?

getlion™️ is free to download and use. However, should you proceed to purchase/uptake a product/solution from one of our Partners, successfully apply for Funding, or make a sale on our Marketplace, this will come at a cost.

  • Is my data kept secure and private?

getlion™️ believes that data security and privacy are your right! Because of this, your data is safely stored, protected and processed in accordance with the highest standards (PCI DSS and ISO27001). Our systems are hosted by Heroku (Salesforce.com Inc).

We are also committed to privacy of user information in alignment with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) 2013. We will never sell your information or use it for any purpose other than creating/adapting our offering to our users’ requirements. Please visit our Privacy Policy/User Agreement for more. 

  • How do I access my rewards?

We’ve created the first rewards program for entrepreneurs, and it’s so easy to start earning rewards! Simply head to “Earn Rewards” section under the rewards tab, and complete the in-app tasks to move up to the next level. Don’t forget to save your changes.

If you don’t have certain information available, click the “?” button next to the input field for further instructions.

  • How do promotional codes work?

Most of the services, tools and resources promoted on getlion™️ are available at a discount. These discounts are offered by way of “promo” code, displayed alongside each listing. Where applicable, be sure to apply this discount code on each 3rd party website before making a purchase. We regularly add new promotions to our platform, so keep an eye on your inbox and our newsletter for updates.

  • I have more than one company, can I register multiple accounts?

Yes. Your account (and specifically rewards) are linked to your company registration number. If you have more than one registration number, you will be able to register more than one account. However, be sure to change at least one login credential – i.e. either mobile number or email address – for each account so we can authenticate your login details. For the specific purpose of our rewards program, and to ensure validity of our users’ details, we verify your company registration number against your name, through our integration with a registered Credit Bureau.

  • How do I change my profile or login information?

Simple. Head over to your in-app profile, available via the home screen. There you will be able to toggle between your personal and company profiles, and you will be able to edit your details. Don’t forget to save your changes. Note that if you make changes to your profile, we are required to send you a one-time-pin (OTP) to verify your identity.

  • How do I reset my password?

Open the getlion™️ mobile application on your smartphone. On the login screen, click the “forgot my password” button. Follow the steps to reset your password. We’ll send you a one-time-pin (OTP) to your mobile phone and/or email address to verify your identity. In that event that you don’t arrive on the login screen when opening the application, log out from first via the Menu button on the home screen.

  • How do I access the getlion™️ Funding Portal and Marketplace?

To apply for funding through our Funding Portal, as well as start selling on our B2B Marketplace, our users must reach Silver🥈 on our Rewards program. We do this to ensure that your business is compliant and credible before advancing to these features. Head to the Rewards tab and start earning rewards today!