• About getlion.

Building a successful business is hard! That’s why we’re building getlion, the mobile application, created to support SMMEs, startups and would-be entrepreneurs. Through getlion – you can start, manage and grow your business – and get rewarded for doing so.

getlion supports your business journey through a purposefully designed platform of services, tools and resources from our industry-leading partners – all to propel your business forward.

In addition, getlion rewards you for running your business well. By improving your credibility, competitiveness, knowledge and best practice, getlion aims to increase your business’s chance of success.

  • Who is getlion for?

The getlion mobile application is designed for owners of small/medium businesses and startups, as well as individuals wanting to start a business. getlion is available across the Republic of South Africa.

  • How much does getlion cost?

getlion is free to download and use. However, should you proceed to purchase a product/solution from one of our partners, this will come at a cost.

  • How do I access my rewards?

Easy. Complete your company profile. Don’t forget to save your changes.

If you don’t have certain information available, click the “?” button next to the input field for further instructions.

  • How do promotional codes work?

Most of the services, tools and resources promoted on getlion are available at a discount. These discounts are offered by way of “promo” code, displayed alongside each listing. Where applicable, be sure to apply this discount code on each 3rd party website before making a purchase. We regularly add new promotions to our platform, so keep an eye on your inbox and our newsletter for updates.

  • I have more than one company, can I register multiple accounts?

Yes. Your account (and specifically rewards) are linked to your company registration number. If you have more than one registration number, you will be able to register more than one account. However, be sure to change at least one login credential – i.e. either mobile number or email address – for each account. For the specific purpose of our rewards program, and to ensure validity of our users’ details, we verify your company registration and/or tax number against your name, through integration with a registered Credit Bureau.

  • How do I change my profile or login information?

Simple. Head over to your in-app profile, available via the home screen. There you will be able to toggle between your personal and company profiles, and you will be able to edit your details. Don’t forget to save your changes. Note that if you make changes to your profile, we are required to send you a one-time-pin (OTP) to verify your identity.

  • How do I reset my password?

Open the getlion mobile application on your smartphone. On the login screen, click the “forgot my password” button. Follow the steps to reset your password. We’ll send you a one-time-pin (OTP) to your mobile phone and/or email address to verify your identity. In that event that you don’t arrive on the login screen when opening the application, log out from first via the Menu button on the home screen.