How to Grow your Business in South Africa - Top 5 Tips

5 Fool-Proof Tips on How to Grow your Business in South Africa

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Scaling and knowing how to grow your business in South Africa is hard. As an entrepreneur or business owner, we all know this to be true. At the start of your business journey, you are a one-trick pony performing in arenas you never thought you would have to enter. But, you made it! You started your business, and life is great and you have found inner peace, right?

Wrong! Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking to grow and improve their businesses and I am sure you are no different. Scaling your business takes a toll on you, there is no way around it. But if you buckle down, clear your mind, and just look at things in perspective, you can easily identify ways you can grow your business quickly, to the scale you want, and in ways your business deserves.

In this guide, we will take a look at five proven tips to improve your business growth drastically and the tools to use to assist in that business growth.

At getlion we could give you a simple list of things to do to gain growth for your business. Things like, getting to know your customers, retaining existing customers, offering good service, or maybe give away free samples on social media? But that just would not be the getlion way. Sure, those generic ideas ought to improve your business – but you want to be more than ordinary. You have been around the block and are looking for the ‘in-the-trenches-of-business’ tips to help your business grow today.

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How to Grow Business Tips

So instead of the ordinary list of call-to-actions, we are giving you five fool-proof, tried and tested tips on growing your business effectively:

1. Automate as much as possible

Business Automation refers to the systematic replacement of manual processes with intelligent rule-driven automation, just-in-time analytics, and open collaboration. If you can find a way to automate time-consuming and mundane tasks, do so that you can focus on doing things that bring in cash. This will enable your business to work faster and enable you to focus on what is important. This can be done through the use of technology. One could outsource a time-consuming function, allowing you to focus on the more important items on your agenda. An example thereof would be an e-commerce store, outsourcing their fulfilment to a third-party logistics company.

2. Reducing your costs

This aspect will be occurring through the automation of your business but can be further enhanced by simplifying your business. Often entrepreneurs try rendering too many services or selling too many things, remove the unprofitable, and focus on the profitable. While money is one cost, time is another. Many businesses fail because founders are too busy in the business, and not working on the business itself.

3. Free-up time

This tip is one that is blatantly staring entrepreneurs and business owners in the face, but never seems to be addressed. As a business owner, you should be able to delegate work to ensure that your focus is placed completely on the only thing that matters to your company – what makes money! Free-up time that you mundanely waste on aspects that can easily be done through business tools and services.

4. Resource yourself

Resourcing yourself works on the premise that you already have all the inner resources inside you. However, certain situations trigger a negative reaction from you, which stops you from accessing all the positive inner resources that you have inside you. This tip refers to ensuring that you are a resource to the business. Your brand can have a great influence on the growth of your business. This can be developed or improved through constant learning or improvement of business management skills.

5. Networking & Collaboration

Strategic partnerships or networking with the right companies can truly make a world of difference. It can help you identify possible new markets and increase your customer reach exponentially.  Identifying those collaborations might be easier said than done however. Always be wary of other company’s involvement, and ensure that you can unequivocally trust the company before entering into collaboration. Once you have collaborated your company will always be associated with them and vice versa. Networking and collaboration is, however, an incredible tool to grow your business, if done correctly. Don’t do it alone. SA has a thriving small business community.


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These tips are the quintessence of ensuring growth in your business. It might be time and work consuming, but just like with anything else in business – put in the time and effort, and you will reap the rewards.

You might say that these tips are helpful but ‘how do I go about executing them’? That is why getlion is here to help you, help your business. In a previous article we discussed the “Must have Best Apps, Business Tools and Business Services for 2020”, and this is where you will put these tips into action to propel your business to growth in 2020 and beyond. To emphasise the advantages of these tools, we will now touch on a few of these apps or tools to use to achieve these new tips for business growth.


TaxTim is an online tax service delivered entirely via an intelligent chat ‘bot’ called Tim, that asks you a series of questions about you and your business, in order to handle your tax affairs easily, affordably, and .  Social media scheduling is also a form of automation. Social media scheduling allows companies to use social media efficiently and push more content through your chosen platform, and we all know today – content is king!

Cost Reducing:

Picup, the South African delivery management platform, is a great solution for your business’s on-demand and national delivery needs, reducing delivery costs for SMEs.

Free-up Time:

Iridium is an innovative accounting, advisory, and automation firm that provide outsourced financial management services and support to SME’s through cloud technology. There are some things business owners aren’t qualified to do properly but insist on doing in order to save costs. Accounting and legal advice is one of those things. Don’t fall into this trap unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Networking & Collaboration:

Networking and collaboration is one of the most important business practices an entrepreneur can do for his/her growing company. It allows you to gain industry specific insights and adds a competitive edge to you over your competitors. Getlion encourages entrepreneurs to join entrepreneurial communities and to attend events hosted by such communities, to ensure that your business rubs shoulders with companies you can collaborate with. Getlion has partnered with HeavyChef, NSBC and several other leading organisations to do just that.

Social media platforms can also be used as a networking tool, as these platforms can be used to connect business people and allow them to ‘follow’ mentors from afar.

There are some of the apps and tools that you can use to grow your business. Getlion however, is the app brings all of these solutions together in a one-stop platform, via South Africa’s leading small business mobile application.

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Whether you’re an experienced business owner or prospective entrepreneur, getlion is here to support your business through a purposefully designed platform of discounted services, tools, and knowledge resources from nearly 20 industry-leading partners. Through our app, you will have discounted access and vouchers from our partners to instantly enhance your business growth. We don’t focus on one aspect for growth, we are the whole picture your business needs, right in the palm of your hand. Download getlion business app and reap the rewards for growing your business.